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Father, aided by son, kills daughter for Allah

In religion, religion of peace, Violence on December 14, 2007 at 1:25 am

Aqsa Parvez, 16 was killed for refusing to wear her hijab, the traditional headscarf worn by Muslim females. Just when I thought a honor killing was the most ridiculous reason to kill a family member. Her father, who was arrested for murder called 911 after the killing to turn himself in. The victim’s brother, Waqas Parvez, 26, was arrested and charged with obstructing police. Since the father confessed to the killing before police had arrived, it makes one wonder what the brother had done to obstruct police. The father, facing a life sentence can take comfort in the 70 virgins that are surely waiting for him in paradise…

  1. Actually, I believe he gets 72 virgins. Who would be foolish enough to murder their own daughter for a mere 70? 71… maybe, but only if they were really hot. But 70? Come on, man, have some standards…

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