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Pope plans historic; deeply ironic dialoge of nonsense

In Irony, religion on January 16, 2008 at 11:31 pm

Muslim and Catholic Leaders to Meet

The Pope plans to meet with leaders of the Muslim community this spring in an effort thaw relations between the two faiths. Muslims world wide erupted in violent protest in September 2006, after the Pope quoted a medieval text that chastised Muslims’ propensity for violence. The Pope was quick to point out that the views from the medieval transcript were not his own, and that he was indeed quoting a historical text, but nevertheless the public rancor was already unleashed. In order to improve relations, the Vatican will host this dialog of faiths in the spring of 2008. While both faiths have horrible record on human rights and tolerance of others, the two camps are meeting to discuss those two issues among other no doubt ironic topics. One just hopes the “our god is better than your god” debate doesn’t grow too heated (indeed, they are both the one god of Abraham), as I would hate to see grainy footage of the Pope being decapitated pop up on the “internets”.



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