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Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss

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Ex-Nazi, Mastermind of Church Sex Cover-up thrown Birthday Bash at the White House

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Despite a visit by the Holy See, the country is still stagnating

Pope Benedict XVI is visiting the U.S. this week, and was treated to a Birthday celebration on the White Houses south lawn. Over 13,000 people sang Happy Birthday to the pontiff twice as he turns 81 years old today. His 90-minute stay at the White House was celebrated by a kind of pomp and pageantry hardly seen before even on grounds accustomed to routinely welcoming royalty and the world’s most influential leaders. Meanwhile 100,000 families have lost their homes in the last month.

President Bush kicked off the unprecedented series of festivities on Tuesday, by going to Andrews Air Force Base to meet Benedict’s plane, something he’s never done for any leader. While the pontiff received a screaming reception befitting a rock star from hundreds of the faithful on the tarmac, gasoline has hit a national average of $3.39 a gallon, up 51 cents from April 2007.

His six-day trip to Washington and New York City coincides with his birthday, and the three-year anniversary of his elevation to the Catholic Church’s top office. Nurturing the U.S. faithful is a sensitive mission for Pope Benedict XVI at a time of ongoing scandal in the American church and his campaign to stomp down secularism and re-ignite faith. Pope Benedict XVI headed the church effort to cover up the sex scandals during his time as a Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Much of the city of Washington D.C. was shut down “In the middle of rush hour, twice!” as once D.C. resident put it. Any the same can be expected in New York City when pope visits Ground Zero later this week. He is expected to offer a prayer to the same god the 19 hijackers sought to please on September 11th 2001.

President Bush is holding a birthday dinner for the Pope tonight at the White House. The Pope however will not be in attendance due to a “scheduling conflict”… The war in Iraq continues without direction.


Sam Harris is Smart

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In Malaysia, PDA a criminal affair

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Lawyers seek to force sharia law on non-muslims

If you are Muslim in Malaysia you can be charged with the Islamic crime of khalwat, or close proximity, with a Muslim. The Muslim faithful holding hands or cuddling in public can get up to 5 years of jail time, or 12 lashes with a cane. These crimes are investigated by an Islamic police force and they turn offenders over to Islamic courts that deal only in sharia law. It strives to ensure Muslim compliance with all Koranic laws, and customs. They sometimes patrol parks looking for young unwed couples in too close of proximity, they raid nightclubs to catch Muslims drinking alcohol and ensure Muslims observe the fasting month of Ramadan. Malaysia has a religious criminal justice system that functions side by side with the secular civil courts. Currently sharia law only applies to Muslims living in Malaysia (about 60%of the population), but a group of lawyers is seeking to have the sharia law extended to all citizens, Muslim or not. The 40% of Malaysians that aren’t Muslims have traditional fiercely resisted efforts to impose ideals of Muslim morality on them. In 2006, Islamic officials mistakenly raided the apartment of a married American couple, on suspicion of khalwat. The government later apologized to them


Parents; omnipotent deity let infant die

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Healing powers of god go unquestioned by murdering parents

An Oregon couple should consider themselves lucky to only be facing manslaughter and criminal mistreatment charges after letting their 15-month old daughter suffer for months before dying. Carl and Raylene Worthington were indicted Friday in an Oregon court for the wrongful death of their infant daughter. The couple is a follower of the loony ‘Christ Church’, which has a long history of only treating seriously ill children with prayer, and forsaking doctors’ advice. Ava Worthington needlessly died March 2nd of bronchial pneumonia and a blood infection even though both condition were treatable with simple antibiotics. Dr. Christopher Young, a deputy state medical examiner, said the child’s breathing was further hampered by a benign cyst on her neck that the couple never had medically addressed. Apparently 15 months wasn’t enough time for god to treat the condition himself, a point I’m sure is lost on followers of this jesus cult. The same clueless couple also lost a baby boy in 2001, but an investigation was closed after family members told police the child was stillborn. Several other Followers of Christ children have also been stillborn or died during home births in recent years, sadly none of the deaths resulted in further criminal charges. Despite all this evidence and laws that suggest that ‘leavin’ em to god’ is not responsible parenting, I’m sure the followers’ faith (by faith I mean belief without justification) is unrelenting.