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New and Improved!

In atheism, editorial, me, politics on January 26, 2009 at 6:58 pm

Blog Author gets a jolt of motivation, will be short lived says experts.

Yes, I am aware I have no readers, regardless I’ve decided to continue to post articles again. I’m expanding the current format to include the politics of religion. I know that I’ve missed the band wagon as the most exciting election season I’ve lived through is over. However there is a lot in the political arena today which New Atheists should find themselves concerned with. I will (try to) cover the issues that directly involve a religion. Family planning, gay rights, stem cell research, faith based initiatives, prayer in public schools, and the teaching of evolution to name a few. In the interest of disclosure I will add that my politics lean to the left as I imagine a good number (but certainly not all) of atheists’ political views do.

While the ‘New Atheists’ have made a lot of headway into bringing the movement to public forums and making the rejection of superstition a known part of their lives, the biggest mountain is in politics. Issues are being decided on religion, instead of common sense. Science is being held back in a way that is reminiscent of the dark ages, and our nation is quickly losing its ‘exceptionalism’. Even Bush’s new moon shot is based not on science, or exploration but geopolitics.

There is hope, a new American administration has taken over, and promised to return science to status it once enjoyed. Race has made it over the political hump, yet to be a non-believer is still as taboo as race was 60 years ago. Indeed, an African American with a Muslim name won the White House in convincing fashion only 7 years after 9/11, but a non-believer would have no shot of winning the presidency. President Obama has already reversed the “Mexico City Policy”, an ideological ban on federal funding of any kind to non-governmental organizations (NGO) that mention abortion or abortion counseling as options to a pregnant woman. The ban even affected those NGOs operating in foreign countries. It allowed no leeway for the mother’s health, cases of rape, or incest. The so-called “global gag rule” effectively tied the hands of secular institutions worldwide and gave a competitive edge to religious based groups. Of course the ban was a result of the religious views of the American Right. As a New Atheist would know, religion ought to have no bearing on U.S. government policy.

Now, in America, atheists are the last in the line of oppressed groups. The day will come when someone leads atheists into a political caucus, I believe this day will be sooner than later, but until then the dialog must continue, and legitimacy sought.