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Best Simpsons Couch Gag Ever!

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Man Beheads Wife in NY, but Lets Not Forget Islam is a Religion of Peace

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Muslim apologists running out of fodder.

This story, about a Muslim TV executive’s wife who had filed for a divorce who was found beheaded has me really fired up. These people are professionals, and from the looks of them, you would have a hard time convincing me that they aren’t part of the Muslim mainstream. In 2004, the husband in this case said “Every day on television we are barraged by stories of a ‘Muslim extremist, militants, terrorists, or insurgents. But the stories that are missing are the countless stories of Muslim tolerance, progress, diversity, service and excellence that ‘Bridges TV’ hopes to tell”. Five years later the same man beheaded his wife. Oh, and this happened in America.

Ever since 9/11, it has been trendy for cliché liberals, and TV pundits trying to make themselves sound smart to say things like “Islam is a religion of peace” and “Muslims are a peaceful people”. Such statements are at best ridiculous and at worst ignorant. The truth is Islam is extremely violent, patriarchal and intolerant. It is the only of the major religions to be primarily spread by the sword. Don’t get me wrong, the other major religions are no better, but people in this country don’t feel the need to point out that they think Christianity is peaceful because it is (wrongly) assumed to be, like they do for Islam. So many times in a conversation I’ve heard some pseudo-intellectual say, “well you know Islam itself is really peaceful”. Even a self-described Muslim friend of mine one tried to tell me that “nowhere in the Koran does it say to use violence, Islam is a religion of peace.” I guess he hadn’t actually read the thing.

Here are a few links documenting violence in religion, Islam, and Christianity, source of our morality indeed. The most dangerous of all these being the certainly believers feel about their religion as to create a perceived moral high ground which is used to justify all kinds of heinous acts.

Lady Troubles? Nothing a Rod Can’t Fix!

Wife not in the Mood? Rape Her!

Saudi “Professor” Calls for “Positive Hatred” of Christians.

Oh and by the way, there were 136 beheadings in Saudia Arabia last year. A key U.S. ally. Friends like theses..

Happy Darwin Day

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World Celebrate 200th Anniversary of Darwin’s birth. Christians ask “who”.

Some scientific discovers are so profound that it changes the entire way we view our reality, they come with such conclusiveness that people look bad and say “of course! Its so obvious, how could have anyone missed it?” Such discovers raise our consciousness and change the very nature of the human condition.

Life (well, terrestrial life) began four billion years ago when a young planet cooled enough to allow our first ancestors get the ball rolling. Since that time life has grown and adapted to fit into every possible niche. There have been many times when it almost failed, when it sputtered along, and when it leaped forward. Over life’s history various lines have arisen to the top of the food chain and dominated the globe. However, only one species would develop the ability to question it’s own existence. It took 130,000 years of progress and the genius of Charles Darwin to finally have a reasonably answer.

And yes, His Noodlyness has nothing to do with Darwin’s birthday, but Darwin is a hero among atheist.

Played this once, only made it 200,000 years…Natural Selection Game

Happy Darwin Day

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World celebrates; Americans ask ‘Who?’

Speculation that Octuplet Mom had plastic surgery to look more like Angelia Jolie

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Own Mom says she not capable of raising 14 kids, and calls her actions ‘unconscionable.’

I wish I could get some public money for elective surgery, new TV, an impressive car, and to ice my wrists up! Story

“Nadya promised to help me with the bills, but she never has,” says Angela. “I lost a house because of it. We had to put in bunk beds, feed them in shifts, and there’s children’s clothing piled all over the house.” Mom ripping daughter over having 14 kids she can’t take care of.

You do know there is a population crisis, right?

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Octuplets’ Mom on welfare, single, has 6 kids already, planning on paying for all this with student loans.

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I mean, I guess I should give her credit for not just coming out and admitting the public will be continuing to finance her selfishness. It’s a good thing California has all this extra cash burning a hole in its pocket. This is a great case for stronger laws against unreasonable reproduction. Why is it that there is a limit on the number of dogs one person can have, but its taboo to say that a mother of 6, on welfare, shouldn’t have 8 more on purpose. Yes, on purpose, she used In vitro fertilization to have 8 kids all at once. She was well aware that some where likely to die in the womb or be severely disabled, but chose to jam herself full of more tax payer burdens anyways. Oh, and the same doctor that gave her the first 6, willingly impregnated her with 8 more, and is now under investigation by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. She has already received $165,000 in disability payments from the state, $100,000 of which she spent on getting all these kids she can’t afford…

In the interview with TODAY, Ann Curry asked how much money she spent on in vitro procedures.

“I don’t know. I would say close to 100,” Suleman replied.

“A hundred thousand dollars?” Curry asked.

“Probably,” Suleman said. “Yeah, definitely.”


Joe the Plumber, Really??

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Apparently, Joe the Idiot, er, Plumber is a featured speaker at the upcoming Conservatism 2.0 Conference (C2.0)

I really can’t believe anyone would want to hear what this guy has to say. He’s proven himself woefully ignorant on more than one occasion. I really hope that he and Palin really are the new faces of Republican idealism, as then we are guaranteed at least 8 years of democratic rule. If Joe the Fraud represents anything, its the vast numbers of middle class white Americans who year after year vote against their interests because they rather chant ‘USA! USA!’, or ‘Drill Baby Drill’ than educated themselves on the issues. Ignorance is bliss.

Now, lets take a second to recap the stupid things things that have come of Sam ‘Joe’, the unlicensed, welfare receiving, back tax owing, pretend plumber.

“A vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel.” – Um…remember when when Shephard Smith of all people took you to task for this one? Incase you forgot…

“I think the military should decide what information to give the media and then the media can release it to the public.” – No free speech or free press? Really Sam Joe? Is that a tenant of C2.0, of just George W. Bush?

With Irony, Republicans pwned by Darwin’s Heresy

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Party of fiscal responsibility doubled national debt in eight years…

Congressional Republicans insist that tax cuts alone will fix our rapidly collapsing economy, and President Obama’s bailout is merely tax and spend liberals at their best…

Meshugena TV Host

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Glen Beck, TV boob.

There are a few points I would like to touch on from the video above. First, Glen Beck is entitled to his views, but his way of expressing them are to put it nicely, shameful. Glen starts out by claiming that the 10% of Americans that describe themselves as atheist are trying to somehow steal America from the god fearing, as if there is some sort of atheist conspiracy. He doesn’t say that “in god we trust” is on our money, “one nation under god” is in our pledge of allegiance, and every major speech by a U.S. president ends in “and may god bless america.” In a country with a long history of oppressing the minority, does he really believe that somehow the 10% will be able to overcome the majority or is he simply just inflaming the emotions of those who do not think for themselves?

Glen continues to say that banning prayer in public schools is shoving atheism down believers’ throat. He makes no mention that the opposite view is also true, nor does he mention that the constitution clearly bars religion from the state. Constitutional scholar Beck go on to claim that atheist are saying it’s unconstitutional to even say the word prayer. Come on, who is this guy kidding? I haven’t seen such shameless rhetorical lies since Sarah Palin’s “thanks but no thanks [to the bridge to nowhere]”.

Glen attacks the children of atheist as being fragile cry babies for not praying in school, as if it’s the child who is offended, more likely it’s the parents, but nice one Glen, using your national ‘news’ program to attack innocent children because you don’t agree with their parents ideology. Then again, demonizing and belittling those who disagree with you has long been a staple of the far rights’ arsenal.

So given his ruthless attack on one view, you would think Glen would have an opposing view point on for his guest on this subject, it is supposed to be ‘fair and balanced’ right? Wrong, instead it’s another right wing ideologue that only tells Glen what Glen wants to hear. They go on to discuss how our rights are god given, and without god, they would be taken away by the state. He makes no mention of super-Christian and fraudulent president George W. Bush who suspended habeas corpus, commissioned the torture of even U.S. citizens, and began a domestic spying program.

On a side note, after this discussion, Glen guest go one to claim that Ted Bundy was a serial killer because of… porn. Given that I am a child of the information again, indeed I’ve had internet access since I was 12, by his logic I should be the next Hitler. Speaking of Hitler, I have to give Glen credit for not comparing atheists to the Nazis, another favorite play by the far right against those that would question their nonsensical beliefs.