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In Afghanistan, Eloping is a Capital Offense

In afghanistan, Intolerance, religion, religion of peace, Violence on April 14, 2009 at 4:56 pm

Followers of the Religion of Peace Gather to Watch Execution Of Kids

A 19 year old woman and her 21 year old boyfriend from southern Afghanistan fled their village in the cover of night. They were heading to Iran, hoping to elope and start a new life together. The parents of the missing youths asked militants to seek out them out, and bring them back to the village, surely aware of what would happen. According to one account, once back home the parents themselves turned the young couple over to the Taliban authorities. The two were accused of immoral acts and taken away. The “immoral acts” in question were the violation of the law that forbade men and women from talking or meeting in public. Women are also not allowed out of their homes without a male relative.

The couple was hauled before a kangaroo court, the so-called “Council of Conservative Clerics”. After what I’m sure was a very fair trial the defendants were sentenced to death. There is no possibility of appeal under Islamic law. In the lawless district of Khash Rod, they executed in front of a crowd of onlookers with AK-47s.



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