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Texas Schools Won’t Teach Age of Universe or Earth

In creationism, Culture Wars, editorial, religion, Texas on April 17, 2009 at 6:21 pm

Would Some Other State Do Something so Stupid?

Texas, are you kidding me? How did you become a regular punching bag? When did this giant cultural shift out of the mainstream happen? First came the degrees in creationism, followed by the intelligent design debacle, then it was traitorous teabagging enthusiasts, and now this. The Texas powers that be have removed any definitive mention of the universe’s age (approx 13.7 billion years) from the public school curriculum. The old, reasonable, standard was teaching…

“the concept of an expanding universe that originated about 14 billion years ago.”

This of course flies in the face of the creationist timeline of the universe that puts the current age of existence at 6,000 years. The new standard says to teach…

“current theories of the evolution of the universe including estimates for the age of the universe”.

This doesn’t sound so bad at first, but ‘current theories’ opens the flood gates for all kinds of crackpot ideas (namely creationism) to invade the classroom. While it is true that there are multiple legitimate scientific theories concerning the beginning of the universe, but they are all essentially built on the same framework of existing and accepted ideas. Furthermore, all origins theories worth the paper their equations are scribbled on agree with the accepted approximate age of the universe, they just get to the current state in different ways. This implication that somehow the age of the universe is in any real dispute is as ridiculous as evolution being “just a theory”.

But wait, it gets worse! There is no standard addressing the Earth’s age, which is more widely accepted than the age of the universe! In Texas, your children won’t be told that anyone with any knowledge on the subject accepts that the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. I’m sure they will get plenty encouragement to investigate “all theories” of the Earths age though. What’s easier for a child to do, learn the background and geology behind the current accepted theories of the Earth’s age, or just settle on it being 6,000 years old because god said so? I know what I would have done as a child, “god did it, homework done, off to watch Quantum Leap!”

Texas, in trying to get your children are ahead in an improbable afterlife, are making sure they are behind in actual life. Good decisions, good investments, and lots of Jebus in the Lone Star State.

Some forbidden knowledge for the children of Texas…

  1. How sad. I think they need someone to get over there and explain to these children how the FSM used His noodly appendage to create all. It’s a current “theory” too, isn’t it? Until then, I fear for their ignorance. Poor kids.

  2. Indeed, his Noodlyness is just as much a legitmate deity as any other. I wonder if there is going to be a brain drain in Texas, with reason minded people scrabbling to move to a state with real education standards.

  3. http://www.theonion.com/content/amvo/texas_legislator_wants_asians_to

    Harvey Martin’s comment seems incredibly relevant here…

  4. There was a girl in my high school science class who stormed out of the class and flat out refused to come back until the teacher was finished teaching us about The Big Bang Theory. It was such a ridiculous instant that even the teacher was taken aback. The teacher told her Creation wasn’t in the learning plan so she wasn’t allowed to “go there” but this girl was so rude and ignorant that she would sit outside the room and read her religious books instead.

  5. Hmm, we may have had the same class.. Trax 2nd period biology?

  6. That is pretty funny Dan, Texas has surpassed South Carolina as the worst state of all time in my opinion. I’m convinced Jefferson Davis himself wouldn’t deny evolution if he was presented with the evidence.

  7. Yep, Texas is a horrible place to live. All we have is Oil, Natural gas, The Dallas Cowboys and our real estate and economy are doing better than any other state in the union. I'm happy to be a Christian that lives in the greatest state in the Union.

  8. As an Australian, maybe you should make Texas a separate country!

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