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Complex Organic Molecules Found in Interstellar Space

In cool, Science on April 21, 2009 at 7:04 pm

Calls to Geo-Centric Intelligent Designer Went Unanswered

At the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science meeting this week researchers announced that they have detected complex organic molecules in a region close to the center of our galaxy called Sagittarius B2. While interstellar carbon-rich molecules have been found in the past, those newly discovered are far more complex.

Scientist used spectral analysis to indentify ethyl formate (pictured) and n-propyl cyanide in a hot gas cloud that serves as home to a newly formed star. Spectral analysis is the same technique used to identify a large cloud of intergalactic booze in 2001, and also what allows us to read the chemical make-up of stars and nebulas. However, it is much more difficult to spot a molecule than it is to identify a chemical element. While simple elements are relatively easy to identify using spectral analysis, complex molecules are not.

“The difficulty in searching for complex molecules is that the best astronomical sources contain so many different molecules that their ‘fingerprints’ overlap, and are difficult to disentangle,” says Arnaud Belloche, from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Germany. “Larger molecules are even more difficult to identify because their fingerprints are barely visible: their radiation is distributed over many more lines that are much weaker,” adds Holger Mueller, researcher at the University of Cologne.

This discovery comes as a blow to creationists, as it displays complexity is something that occurs naturally over of time. No matter how unlikely it may seem, that fact is organic molecules form on their own in harsh space environments. Yet another reason not to consider Earth the unique home of life, as we can see the building blocks of life are spread throughout our galaxy and most likely the entire universe.

Their computational models suggest the largest molecules form section-by-section, using pre-formed building blocks already carried by the dust grains. The new molecules seem to be “born” in this way, via a series of short steps that build up long-chain molecules.

Hmm, short steps that add complexity to an existing system, that sounds familiar. Most astronomers believe that it is simply a matter a time before amino acids are discovered floating about, thumbing it’s nose at a geo-centric deity, in interstellar space.


  1. Damn you astronomers! Didn’t what happened to Galileo teach you to keep out of it?

    They will do what they always do. They will Give ground grudgingly and slowly, giving up only those vacuous assertions that can no longer be supported without looking ridiculous. Some like Kent Hovind will occasionally pioneer excursions into the ridiculous, trolling for the truly gullible. Eventually, they will shove their God into the gap of abiogenesis and fervently pray that no one figures out how it happened without their magic father figure.

  2. I’m honestly partly hoping for panspermia just to shoot down creationism and us as the chosen sentient race once and for all.

    “There…we’re space loogy…not shuddup”

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