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Earth Day 2009: President Obama Takes on Global Warming; Special Interest

In Culture Wars, politics, Science on April 22, 2009 at 5:14 pm

Wow, Check out that Creepy Painting of Obama, What is With the Blue Veins?

Focusing on a cap and trade market and renewable energy, President Obama has thus far lived up to his campaign promise to reverse several Bush administration policies and combat global warming. A big one came last week when the Environmental Protection Agency declared that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases causing global warming are pollutants and therefor a threat to the public health. President Obama is visiting a wind turbine manufacturer in Iowa, the catalyst of his presidential campaign, to promote his ambitious energy and environmental agenda. Meanwhile, House Democrats began a three day hearing on a new energy and global warming bill. Members of the President’s cabinet, and industry officials are expected to testify. It looks like things are finally going to get moving on climate change in America. I personally could not be happier. Recently, we’ve see predictions of wars over water and increasing famine because of the warming. The U.N. estimated that 2/3 of the world’s population is expected to be effected by a fresh water shortage by as soon as 2025. That’s only 16 years.

President Obama will face stiff opposition to his agenda from the special interest firms of “Big Pollution”.

A recent analysis by the nonprofit Center for Public Integrity estimated that 770 firms and interest groups hired some 2,340 climate lobbyists in the past year.

Just in the past year? Of course we cannot forget the ever “loyal” Republicans, who went to their go to talking point, that same thing they say in all opposition to Obama, taxes.

Republican critics call the plan a de facto energy tax that could devastate families and stunt economic growth. The top Republican on the House energy and commerce committee, Rep. Joe Barton of (surprise) Texas, warned Tuesday that the under the proposed legislation, “we are capping our economy and trading away our jobs. We are instituting a regressive energy tax on Americans already enduring high unemployment, lost 401(k)s, and rampant home foreclosures.”

Sigh, thank Chalchiuhtlicue the Democrats finally won.

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