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Ray Comfort is an Idiot

In creationism, Culture Wars, editorial, evolution, Hypocrisy, kooks, stupid people on May 1, 2009 at 5:51 pm

Creationist Fool Attacks Dawkins; Evolution

Ray Comfort is a creationist. You may remember him from the Crocoduck video I posted last weekend. Ray has a blog called (for some reason, I don’t quite get it) “Atheist Central”. Today Ray posted attacking evolution, and the so-called “pope of evolution”, The New Atheist favourite (that’s for you, my Commonwealth friends) Richard Dawkins. The article is full of glaring hypocrisies, I almost didn’t want to post about it, as it’s just too much. I’m not willing to go through it and rebut all his nonsense, so I leave that to the reader. However, I have selected a few gems of creationist reasoning I’d like to share.

“I am amazed at how many people can write so much about a subject that they insist is scientific, but that has no credible scientific basis.” No credible scientific basis huh? Evolution is the basis for understanding modern biology. It is the most widely accepted scientific theory there has ever been. And by accepted, I mean accepted by scientist, people with actual training in the scientific method, not evangelicals.

“The fact that so many supposedly learned men believe the theory, reminds me that once upon a time most learned men believed in a flat earth. But their faith didn’t change reality.” People believed a lot of stupid things during the time the church was systematically holding back scientific and social progress. The new world was discovered 141 years BEFORE Galileo’s trial! Ray is right on one point though, their faith indeed didn’t change reality. His faith, and the faith of all believers and apologists also won’t change reality. Maybe there will come a time when Ray and his flock will accept the evidence, just like 16th and 17th century Christians had to. Then again, if they haven’t yet, one wonders what exactly would make them accept reality.

“When it comes to evolution I have asked for facts from those who believe its claims, and all I get is that you have to have faith in what has been taught.” Did he just say scientist don’t offer enough facts and rely too much on faith? No seriously, his objection to evolution is a rejection of faith? I better move on, my blood pressure is rising, I can feel it in the back of my neck.

“A good evolutionist believes without a doubt what his professor has told him. He has to believe when the pope of evolution, professor Richard Dawkins tells him.” Much like a patriarchal shepherd and his sheep, wouldn’t you say? The difference between a so-called evolutionist and an evangelical is that should some alternative theory of species’ origins be developed tomorrow, Dawkins and all other reasonable people would be willing to change their beliefs in the face of new evidence, if it was strong enough that is. They wouldn’t staunchly stand by evolution if there was enough contradictory information. Indeed as scientists, they wouldn’t want to, science is about discovery, not keeping with what works. Believing what one would like to be true in spite of all evidence is exactly what Mr. Comfort does, while accusing others of the same. But instead of blindly following a scientist, he rather blindly follow a collection of authors who lived 1700 years ago and knew next to nothing about the reality they lived in.

“Still, the devout follower of Dawkins and Darwin will believe anything said to him on believers’ websites, or in believers’ books. Evolution’s many adherents simply fortify the truth that human beings are incredibly gullible, and will believe anything as long as it’s not in the Bible. How true are and the words of Professor Dawkins, when he said, “Faith is belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence.” He has unquestioning faith in evolution. I do not. No instead Mr. Comfort has chosen to hitch his wagon to a Bronze Age text, which of course is much more reasonable than to trust 3,000 years of peer-reviewed progress.

  1. The more he speaks the more I’m convinced that he has to be an elaborate troll. Maybe that’s just what I want to believe.

  2. Haha, I agree, on his death bed he will confess “I did it for the lulz”.

  3. If you replace the word evolution with god in Ray Comforts attack, he presents a convincing argument against Christianity.

  4. *facepalm* Ray Comfort makes me want to evolve claws like Wolverine, just so I can scratch his eyes out.

    A common theist attack is to claim atheism is a religion, that science relies on blind faith, and that evolution is “just a theory”. They’re trying to turn all the reasons against religious faith/god belief into reasons to doubt factual scientific evidence. It doesn’t convert ANYONE. It is literally “preaching to the choir” and incredibly obvious to boot. I went from creationist theist, to evolutionary theist, before becoming an atheist. I think that’s why they’re so worried, that once christians accept science, they’ll realize the whole bible is a crock of shit.

    And they are right to fear. After all, tithe adds up quickly and soon they’ll lose their revenue.

  5. “And they are right to fear. After all, tithe adds up quickly and soon they’ll lose their revenue.”

    … Angie hit the nail on the head!

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