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Maximizing Your Prayer’s Expected Value

In editorial, kooks, lol, religion on May 13, 2009 at 5:07 pm

Link Found @ Pharyngula

This website has tons of great information. Did you know that 65% of our life is per destiny? How about the fact that 80% of life’s problems stem from not being spiritual enough? Oh wow, I’ve always wanted to know the most efficient prayer position. You see as a capitalist, my time is valuable and I need a solid return on investment. I don’t want to take the time to investigate which position works best, thankfully some of the best minds in theology (cringe) have done it for me. According to their ‘scientists’ using the Mudraa praying position will increase the odds of your prayers being answered by 20%! I’m not kidding…

6. Key summary points on the mechanism of prayer

The spiritual level of a person generally defines whether a person prays for spiritual growth or for worldly benefit. Depending on the type of prayer higher level deities or lower level deities respectively answer a person’s prayers.

The spiritual emotion with which one prays has a positive impact on the effectiveness of one’s prayer.

Depending on what type of mudraa is used, the benefit that one gets through prayer can vary.

All other things being equal, using the recommended mudraa (posture) for prayer helps to improve the chances of one’s prayer being answered by 20%.

Prayers by people of lower spiritual level for things that affect the wider population such as world peace or a reduction in global warming have no effect.

When one pays gratitude along with prayer it helps to increase the effectiveness of one’s prayer.

The Spiritual Research Foundation is an embarrassment to pseudo-science! Big foot hunters, intelligent design enthusiasts, and 9/11 truthers everywhere just lost a little credibility.

  1. OMG ROFL I thought this was a joke!!!! Gahh!

  2. Find the LORD

  3. Whoahhh!!! Pictures and graphs and percents and numbers and big words! Sounds like science to me!

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