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Creator of Universe Reveals Self in Frying Pan

In kooks, lol, religion, sightings on July 30, 2009 at 9:42 pm

Faithful Celebrate Miracle; A Great Cheeseburger

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Looks like Jesus has a tumor growing on his face, can’t he do something about that?

  1. And these people wonder why they aren't taken seriously.

  2. I have to meet this Jesus guy sometime. He has an awesome sense of humor. Seriously, it's so obvious, him and Mary and all them are like the Jackass guys. They're punking all the religious people.

  3. Dear Lord,

    Please manifest Yourself as a birthmark upon my fanny. My ass isn't famous yet, and I'd really love to have the Christians of the world worshipping my bum.

    Thank you,

    The Kyle

  4. Haha, they totally would too. Perhaps I should try to bruise a Jesus into my leg.

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