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The New Democrat?

In atheism, editorial, me, politics, religion, Science on September 16, 2009 at 8:07 pm

I’ve received some criticism regarding my recent concentration on politics and my neglect of religious, atheism, and science news. If you would indulge me, I would like to take a moment to address these concerns.

I believe the “new atheist” movement is about speaking out and not being sidelined from the public debate for fear of being ostracized. A “new atheist” works to advance progress, not hide in the closet. While there are certainly right wing atheists, I believe that liberal politics are irrevocably linked to the promotion of atheism. There will come a day when we cats are herded, and when that happens, the atheist coalition will lean decidedly left.

We live in a very trying time, and we need to be vigilant, less we allow our country to continue down the road to theocracy. In America, rumors of the demise of the religious right have been greatly exaggerated. They swept George W. Bush into power and what a debacle that turned out to be. It has become clear that the Bush administration will go down as one of the most incompetent in history, (President Buchannan has got to like that), 0-1. They reelected him in 2004, 0-2. If they had their way in 2008, we would be talking about a (severely unqualified; kooky) President Palin, 0-3. Make no mistake, the evangelical lobby is still very formidable and dangerous. Today, we face an all too real chance of another take over. Mike Huckabee, an evolution denying, anti-gay, anti-choice evangelical is widely considered to be the front runner for the Republican nomination in 2012.

Indeed, the religious right is alive and well. They raise tax-free money to support their agenda. They fight to insert religion to our children’s science classes. They deny others the same basic rights they have based only on ideology (the prop 8 campaign was funded mostly by the Mormon Church). They call for Obama’s murder, and even the murder of gays. They strive to forcibly inject their religion in your life and your bedroom. Prior to 1962, ‘sodomy’ was illegal in all 50 states. In fact, until a Supreme Court ruling in 2003, gay sex was still illegal in 14 states. The same people who support these policies are the ones against big government. The hypocrisy (as it often is), is staggering. We can’t have a public option in this country, for fear of fascism, but they are eager to put the government in the middle of your sex life.

Some may say, “Now, New Atheist, not all of evangelicals think that way,” which is undoubtedly true. But I ask, where are their voices, why not stand up to the gross distortion of their beliefs? Did anyone hear a national religious official admonishing the hate speech of Tempe Pastor Steven Anderson? I sure didn’t, but I could be wrong on this point, if anyone knows of any, please, do share.

The American right wing has a very well developed echo chamber, something liberals can only look on with envy and frustration. Though my voice is small, I think that every voice to counter the distortions, callousness and hate speech is an important one.

I’ve been called a partisan; however my views on issues such as the death penalty, immigration and law enforcement are pretty far right. I’ve taken flack for calling out President Obama on my blog, and on Twitter. I know what I want, and I will support whatever political party that will give it to me. Right now, the Democrats are that party, but it remains to be seen if they will follow through. I’m a liberal before I’m a Democrat.

That all said, by popular demand, I will make a conscious effort to post more religion, atheism, and science related stories.

Thanks for reading,

The New Atheist

  1. Too long, please summerize.

  2. Not all liberals are atheist, but most atheists are liberals.

  3. And if you do summerize could you put it in point form?

  4. Well said, and thank you.

  5. I don't know how much criticism you've been receiving, or its exact nature, but here's what I think, because I don't know if you know this, but, well – I'm kind of a big deal. (/nahht)

    I can't understand why people would be getting on an atheist for being liberal or – in the case political parties – a Democrat. (Did no one notice the subtitle of your blog? Godless LIBERAL.) As you said, there are surely right wing atheists…but definitely the majority of us are left-leaning. Since our political system only really has two parties and one is choosing – well, the atheist majority would likely go for the Democrats.

    But besides that, many of the issues you've been writing about have been about the religious right and their opposition to real healthcare reform, their blatant racism, etc., or just politics in general – issues I'm sure the majority of active atheists are concerned with.

    Oh, and also: It's YOUR blog.

  6. Being sidelined is absolutely the wrong way for atheism to go… We are the voices of reason. We are the ones who ought to be leading the debate even if it is between ourselves as much as it is with the overly emotionally charged fanatics.

    I think we ought to sponsor "atheist only" debates on every political question – hot items like health care included. We can only gain by making our voices heard no matter which side of an issue ends up on top in the long run.

  7. Let me say that criticism is always welcome in an open forum. I wasn't offended at all by it, in fact the point made that I was getting too political on an atheist blog is something that I had been thinking about for a while. My post was only to explain the thinking behind my concentration on politics. The opinion came from one of my most loyal readers, so naturally I took it into consideration.

    @Doc: Hospital Corpsman? Is that why they call you Doc? Have I asked you that before? But to your point of atheist only debates: I think that is a great idea. I'm planning (when I'm feeling ambitious) to do a complete revamping of TheNewAtheist.com, adding permanent content and possibly a discussion forum we were can debate the issues facing atheism and our country. I have been doing a lot of web development at my job lately so I feel that I would be able to put something professional together. I guess it depends on how much blogger will let me do. Maybe I should look into outside hosting.

    Thanks for the comments all!

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