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Quick, Everyone Get Laid

In kooks, lol, religion on September 21, 2009 at 5:48 am

The date of the rapture has been revealed. It is tomorrow, (or today if you are on the east coast). The world will end 9/21/09! PZ Myers has the story, and this scientific-looking, super cool “time wave”.

I’m not kidding, there actually is a group predicting the rapture is going down tomorrow. They site Joe Biden’s campaign gaffe when he said that President Obama would face a major crisis in his first six months in office. This is just one of many gems of “evidence” they provide. I must say their credibility is hurt when you consider that they think September is 6 months from January. They also claim there will be a nuclear attack on New York and Phoenix! A nuclear attack on Phoenix would make my commute just hell. It is already tedious getting anywhere in this town.

Check out their website for more compelling evidence!

  1. Well, there must not be a lot of chosen people in St. Louis, where I'm vacationing, cuz there sure were a lot of people down in the lobby for breakfast. Maybe Fred Phelps is the only one who was taken up. I can only hope.

  2. AW man, I missed it. I was busy watching Spongebob.

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