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Sin Map of the U.S.

In cool, Hypocrisy, religion, Science on September 29, 2009 at 6:48 pm

Surprise, Most Religious States Biggest Offenders In Most Sins

Via Wired, check it for other deadly sin maps.

We’re gluttons for infographics, and a team at Kansas State just served up a feast: maps of sin created by plotting per-capita stats on things like theft (envy) and STDs (lust). Christian clergy, likely noting the Bible Belt’s status as Wrath Central, question the “science.” Valid point—or maybe it’s just the pride talking.


  1. So is red more 'lust' or less 'lust'? Because that happens to map general locations of the more religious states. At least I think so, I'm not even on the same continent (I know that that marks out the bible belt out, or some of it).

  2. Yes red is more. There are additional maps if you follow the link to Wired. All the deadly sins are covered, and the religous south is the worst offenders.

  3. To Quote the Bard "Me think they doth protest too much"

  4. I would think that the red would indicate more lust, Anonymous.

  5. I am neither a Dem or Republican.

    This post (and blog for that matter) is another example of a person on one extreme of the political spectrum trying to embarrass someone on the other end by pointing out the other's hypocrisy.

    I'm not sure how the number of STDs per capita can indicate how lustful those in a geographic area are compared to that of another. If anything, it tells you how poorly educated the population is regarding subjects such as contraception and safe sex.

    This blog, for the most part, is more concerned with pointing out the hypocrisy of the Right rather than informing society on issues of public policy. Why don't you concentrate more on bringing everyone together? Blogs like yours are a dime a dozen and NOT interesting. I only stumbled upon your page because a friend of mine shared your blog post on Facebook.

    The divisiveness in our country today is alarming (and sickening). When will you hardcore Liberals and Conservatives learn the world is not black and white? Instead of finger pointing, why not use your brain to work with the other side to solve our energy crisis, economic crisis and figure out how to get our troops back the fuck home?

    It seems one of the main ideas of your blog is making the opposition look like a jackass and that makes you no better than someone like Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh or Pat Robertson. I hope you will consider promoting more positive ideas in your forum that might actually advance our society in a positive way, rather than a negative one.

  6. @j.evanking

    While it is true I am certainly a liberal, I wouldn’t say I’m extreme left. I’m much further to the right than my colleagues on certain issues.

    That said, the charge that I am just as bad as Beck, Limbaugh, and Robertson is ridiculous. They are intentionally fanning the flames of racial tension and mass ignorance. They are using codes words to promote violence in the name of their political beliefs (something we call terrorism). They say things like “we want OUR country back”, “in REAL American”, “liberals are destroying OUR country”, “[POTUS] has a deep seated hatred of white people and white culture”, “Obama wants America to fail”, “in Obama’s America, white kids get beat up by black kids”. While at the same time as whispering about the President being a foreigner, a Manchurian candidate bent on seizing power to impose “Nazi policies”. This is far more divisive (which you call sickening) than anything I’ve written. If John McCain had won the Presidency, I don’t think you would see too many liberals calling for violent revolution, or a military coup.

    Today, we have elected officials publically stating they aren’t sure if the POTUS is a real American, or that he is an ACORN controlled usurper, or that he wants to round up you and your family into internment camps – elected officials!

    I believe it is naïve to think that there is some sort of grand compromise out there for all the issues facing the country. There are only two parties, with opposite ideological views on everything. Issues have to be fought for tooth and nail, and they always have. Though out our history both parties have drawn their line in the sand, and we usually end up with legislation somewhere in the middle. This is our system, these are our debates. As far as I can tell, only one side is advocating violence, and purposely misleading people (death panels, euthanasia, Kenya, census, etc, etc, etc). What is more, the first six months of the health care debate was spent trying to work together, but that only goes so far when one party has no real interest in helping.

    You are correct, not everything is black and white, like Afghanistan, but a lot of issues are just that. If you know any independent plans to solve the problems you listed, I would be happy to listen. The left has plans for all of them.

    As I said in my post “The New Democrat,” the American right wing has a very well developed echo chamber, something liberals can only look on with envy and frustration. Though my voice is small, I think that every voice to counter the distortions, callousness and hate speech is an important one.

    Sorry you don’t like my blog, but thanks for reading. Click an ad on your way out, won’t you?

  7. the new atheist watches "Dawson's Creek!" It's true, he told me!

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