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This is About Right

In Hypocrisy, religion on October 9, 2009 at 4:20 pm

  1. Heh, that's pretty amusing. Whatever cheapo dating service this is probably just has stock ads that they change the text to based on the site it appears on. Where did it appear, out of curiosity? I've seen dating ads like that that talk about meeting girls in "Topeka". I don't live in Topeka, but that's where my DSL comes from, so…there ya go.

    Oh and to answer the ad's question…no thanks. Happy with my atheist wife.

  2. this Jezebel is no christian you probably made this yourself

  3. That's okay, Anonymous. We don't expect any one Christian to agree that any other given Christian is a "real" Christian anyway. But you're probably right, actually. Most likely this is just a picture this sleazy company uses for all their ads, they just added the bit about Christians because it appeared on a religious site or something.

  4. @Sparrowhawk – Yeah I know, I just thought it was funny. I found on a creationist blog I check for fodder. I wonder if you can find the like on Muslim blogs. Imagine, the same picture with the caption "Want a Muslim Girlfriend".

  5. As an Agnostic, I can't date other agnostics. I'm too indecisive. I need someone who can make educated decisions about where where we're going to have dinner, etc, because I'm sure as hell not going to.

    That's probably why there aren't any dating sites for agnostics. We wouldn't be able to come to a determination as to whether or not it would be worth our time and money to sign up.

  6. That was ALMOST clever, New Agnostic. An agnostic would be able to pick a restaurant, though. The agnosticism would come into play in that, although they could pick a restaurant to go to, they wouldn't feel they have any way of knowing whether or not anyone can know they've picked the right one.

  7. @ Anon – I didn't make this, but am considering making a version for Islam for purely comical purposes.

    I'm sure picture wasn't made specifically for a Christian site, but is more likely a stock image as Sparrowhawk suggested.

    That said, if she is an American it is likely she self-identifies as a Christian.

  8. @ Sparrowhawk

    Your criticism is tough but fair, and I will take it into consideration.

    That said, I can't decide on a restaurant because while there are many equally valid eating establishments, what if I picked the wrong one? My time, money, and appetite would be wasted. No, it isn't worth the risk, the pressure is to great. I will let others decide.

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