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Good Rush Cartoon

In Culture Wars, kooks, politics, racists, sports, updates on October 15, 2009 at 7:51 pm

Even though he won’t be getting the team, this is still pretty funny.

More on Rush and the NFL:

Update: The Nation Skewers Limbaugh

Rush, Politics, and the NFL

The NFL Should Reject Rush

  1. According to the 14th paragraph of the following article, Limbaugh blames the Obama administration for his getting dropped from the investment group.


  2. Of course he does.

    Limbaugh is like my father in some ways. Whenever, people piss them off it's THEIR fault…not at all due to themselves acting like a deplorable unlikeable prick.

  3. Of course Obama blocked Rush's bid. Being the socialist he is, its only natural he had to put the government's hand in to the private matters of the NFL. I assume this is the beginning of a marxist take over of all football. Don't forget, he also supports a college football playoff system!

    Oh, and hes black.

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