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Obama’s Ft. Hood Speech Bullshit

In church/state, Culture Wars, editorial, POTUS, religion on November 11, 2009 at 7:30 pm

President Obama’s speech yesterday at the memorial for the victims of the Fort Hood massacre turned religious pretty quickly. Of course, I’m sure most atheists expected this, as religion’s infestation of American politics is famously complete. I listened (on the NPR) to the most of the memorial, and went unfazed at the staple religious regurgitations that are said every time we remember loved ones who have died. You know, usually in an event so tragic, so unfair, that any loving god would be compelled to intervene. The clichés mostly bounced off me (General Casey went as far to quote the Bible). However, one line grabbed my attention. It strikes back to a common complaint from New Atheists.

No faith justifies these murderous and craven acts; no just and loving God looks upon them with favor – President Obama 11/10/09

Really, Mr. President? In reality, faith can be used to justify any action. Isn’t that is the whole idea? If you evoke faith you can claim, say, wishing brain cancer on someone, murdering your daughter, killing a doctor, torturing, genocide, and terrorism are all legitimate expressions thereof. In the Torah, Koran, and Bible, God orders the commission of, and facilitates terrible violence. The fact is, just the opposite of what President Obama said is true. I’d like to think (foolishly?), this probably isn’t lost on Obama, but he could never publically say so.

I was very annoyed with this nonsensical dribble. In America, it is a fact that a theist can say anything and go largely unchallenged out of ‘respect’. Though this may be slowly changing, we have a long way to go in our struggle against faith, and the taboos society places its scrutiny.

Below is Obama’s full speech, and a video of the murderer of Dr. Tiller claiming his barbarism is justified.

Full Speech

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  1. I also get annoyed at the nonsensical dribble, specially when it hits the airways. However, rather than struggling against the faith, i find it easier to accept the fact that religious nonsense is part of the american culture. As long as they don't jostle their belief system upon others, its just cultural perspective. Many viewers, including the victims families, would say they find comfort is those quotes.
    In a clinical setting when a patient desires that i pray with them, i dont struggle with the request, i just respectfully accept that its part of their delusional state. No one is harmed.

    Anyhow, i empathize with you; bible cliches bounce off me too.

  2. I winced at this too. The question is what did he mean when he said "no faith". Did he mean no one's individual faith or did he mean no faith as in no religion justifies this.

    If the way things are shaping up is accurate, then I think it's 100% clear that yes…some faith DOES justify what he did. If this man's personal "faith" included the idea that the US Military is killing Muslims and therefore it's okay to kill members of the US Military…then yes, in his own mind, "his faith" DID indeed justify this. The catch is…his faith was fucking wrong and immoral.

    That isn't to say Islam as a whole does or doesn't "justify" it. To be honest, I think the idea that Christianity or Islam justify any one thing or not as a whole. To be honest, they're such random contradictory grab-bags of bullshit that they can literally be used to justify ANYTHING.

    Islam isn't a religion of peace. It isn't a religion of war. It's a religion of both and depending on the disposition of the believer, they're going to take something different away from it.

    It's stupid if you ask me. It's like arguing over what your imaginary friend wants you to do, or sitting around debating about what Gandalf would want you to do in LOTR. It's stupid.


  3. I actually thought Obama made a good statement. It wasn't saying that religions don't try to use faith to justify he was saying such beliefs are NOT good justifications. Ie. he was saying 'just cause you believe it doesn't make it so'.

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