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Murdering (or Attempting to) Your Own Children No Longer Just a Christian Phenomenon

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Blind Faith is the Path of the Righteous

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish mother stands accused of continuously starving her 3-year-old son over the course of his life time. The 15 pound toddler was admitted to a hospital for severe malnutrition, but while there, his devote mother can be seen on tape repeatedly removing a feeding tube from her near-death son. The mother claims the child is sick and that she isn’t responsible for his condition. This has lead to violent demonstrations in the streets of Jerusalem, where ultra-Orthodox Jews have gather to protest…wait for it… the treatment of the mother! Ignoring the video evidence (shocking, I know), the faithful have taken to the streets for three consecutive days massing at the hospital where the child is being treated and clashing with police. Her supporters refuse to believe the authorities claim that the mother is responsible. They probably blame demons, sex, arabs, bacon, someone serving fish and meat together, shell fish, or any and everything else NOT SEEN IN THE VIDEO!

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One Year Later, Trial of Murdering Parents to Begin

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In Oregon, Religious Freedom No Excuse for Letting Child Die

Anyone remember Ava Worthington? She was the subject of one of my first (and admittedly bad) blog posts back in 2008. Carl and Raylene Worthington were her unbelievably cruel parents, the people who let their 15 month old daughter suffer for months before dying. Simple antibiotics would have saved her young life. This is the same couple that lost another child in 2001 under questionable circumstances. Well Carl and Raylene are back in the news. Their trial for the death of their daughter is about to begin.

Facing only manslaughter and criminal mistreatment charges for what amounts to murder, the Oregon couple will be the first prosecution under a 1999 law. The law was passed in response to the high level of child deaths in the families that are members the Worthington’s church, Followers of Christ. One would think that after Jesus failed to intervene on all the previous cases, they would give up their prayer only approach to medical treatment. But, I’m sure no one is surprised they haven’t. No reasonable person should have expected that to work. Then again, the whole idea of faith is the rejection of reason. Every life is sacred –unless you are too young to make your own medical decisions, in which case you will be left to die.

For nearly a decade after Oregon cracked down on faith-healing deaths, there were no verified cases of Followers of Christ children dying from medical neglect. Then last spring the faith-healing controversy rocketed back into the headlines.

Four months after Ava died, her 16-year-old uncle, Neil Beagley, died of complications from an untreated urinary tract blockage. Beagley’s parents, also members of the Followers of Christ church, are scheduled for trial in January on charges of criminally negligent homicide.

Of course, supporters of the Worthington’s ‘right’ to let their children die claim that any prosecution would violate their religious freedom. In fact there is even a defense fund set to make sure the Worthington’s are able to do this to a second (third?) child.

The Worthingtons maintain that the state and federal constitutions give them the right to care for their children according to their religious beliefs. Their lawyers have established the Worthington Defense Fund and are soliciting donations to defend those rights.

A similar case in Wisconsin (also poorly blogged) has set a precedence for such prosecutions.

Two weeks after Ava died, an 11-year-old Wisconsin girl, Kara Neumann, died from an undiagnosed diabetic attack. Neumann’s parents, who tried to heal the girl with prayer, argued that their constitutional right to religious freedom protected them from criminal charges Judge Vincent Howard rejected the Neumanns’ argument and ordered them to stand trial. “The free exercise clause of the First Amendment protects religious belief but not necessarily conduct,” Howard said in his ruling.

The girl’s mother was convicted last month of second-degree reckless homicide. The father goes to trial next month.

Here is hoping they get the book thrown at them, but I’m sure they won’t. Ah religion, you’ve done it again!

Oh, and it should be noted: The Worthingtons are expecting another child this year…

Quotes via The Oregonian

Mother Covers Child in Accelerant; Sets on Fire

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Oh, But Faith is a Beautiful Thing..

A New York City woman has been accused of burning her 6-year-old daughter during a voodoo ritual and then ignoring her cries for help and sending her to bed.

Prosecutors say Marie Lauradin poured an accelerant over her daughter during a Haitian practice known as Loa and made her stand naked in a ring of fire, engulfing her in flames.

Sad, but not shocking at all.

Child Indoctrination, FTW

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Little Girls Preaching the Word? THAT IS BLASPHEMY!

One can’t help but feel sorry for these kids. It really is amazing how your life can be determined for you at that age. The fact that these kids are being shaped by their kook parents is a great injustice.


Parents; omnipotent deity let infant die

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Healing powers of god go unquestioned by murdering parents

An Oregon couple should consider themselves lucky to only be facing manslaughter and criminal mistreatment charges after letting their 15-month old daughter suffer for months before dying. Carl and Raylene Worthington were indicted Friday in an Oregon court for the wrongful death of their infant daughter. The couple is a follower of the loony ‘Christ Church’, which has a long history of only treating seriously ill children with prayer, and forsaking doctors’ advice. Ava Worthington needlessly died March 2nd of bronchial pneumonia and a blood infection even though both condition were treatable with simple antibiotics. Dr. Christopher Young, a deputy state medical examiner, said the child’s breathing was further hampered by a benign cyst on her neck that the couple never had medically addressed. Apparently 15 months wasn’t enough time for god to treat the condition himself, a point I’m sure is lost on followers of this jesus cult. The same clueless couple also lost a baby boy in 2001, but an investigation was closed after family members told police the child was stillborn. Several other Followers of Christ children have also been stillborn or died during home births in recent years, sadly none of the deaths resulted in further criminal charges. Despite all this evidence and laws that suggest that ‘leavin’ em to god’ is not responsible parenting, I’m sure the followers’ faith (by faith I mean belief without justification) is unrelenting.